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My video is up and running!

29 Jun

I took the weekend away to go work in Dallas (a girl’s gotta make a living) and, when I returned, the video was posted. Yay!!! The link is

I’m somewhat happy with the video. I think I just don’t like watching myself, but that’s not important. What’s important is that you want to watch me. And I can’t thank Lynn enough for her hard work on this. She made me look better than I really do. And her editing got the video looking smooth and down to size in order to get it uploaded. I’m most happy with the written application which you don’t see. I think my writing experience really played a big part in the quality of my application and I hope that Oprah’s people will be impressed.

Now comes the voting. First, a brief explanation of how it works. Some people have noted that I don;t stand a chance as there are some people with millions of votes. Yes, I applied later in the game and it will be reflected in my vote count. Still, there’s no way that those millions of votes are real. I’m guessing there are “bots” (computer generated automatic votes) involved. And, since bots are prohibited, I’m hoping they will be disqualified. Also, I’m hoping they take into account the amount of votes you received and the day you applied.

While your votes mean a lot (so keep voting!) and you may vote more than once (without even watching the video again), it is only part of the selection process. The top five valid vote getters (is “getters” a word?) are guaranteed a spot in the semi-finals, with one person from that group guaranteed a spot in the finals. I’m happy to say that the producers are supposedly viewing all submissions and will choose others to compete in the semi-finals and finals.

Also, some have questioned the fact that when they vote for me, the number of votes doesn’t change. From what I’ve noticed is that the vote numbers are periodically updated. So you may not see it immediately but rest assured, it will count and is much appreciated.

If you’d like to view and vote please click on the link .

And if you’d like to immediately vote again you may click on the link again or go to the “Browse and Vote” section and type in Carole in the search box. I’m the one in the short sleeved, lime-green top (the same color as the vote button!). Click on me and you can click vote again. . . and again. . . and again!

Voting is open until 11:59pm Pacific Time on July 3rd. Please spread the word! And don’t forget, go to

Thanks so much and come back for updates.

The Application

23 Jun

The video has finally been submitted. Lynn had to do what they refer to in the broadcast journalism industry as “killing puppies.” Yikes! Actually, it means taking out things that you might have wanted in, just to fit the file size or time constraints. I think because she used such high quality video (she is a professional after all) it loads a bit different than a home video camera would. I’m not sure what was cut so it will be a surprise to me. My wish is that my passion and my idea for the show come across. As it’s not yet available to watch, I’m assuming the Oprah folks are just reviewing it and will, hopefully, approve it today.

After the video was uploaded I had to fill out page 3 of the application. Wow, that’s a project. It took about two and a half hours to complete. OK, it would have been shorter if I hadn’t accidentally pushed a button while measuring my head (Why do they need my hat size? Hhhmmmm, are they going to fit me for a tiarra? I’d like that!) and had to revert to the last point I had clicked saved. Oh well, at least I had been saving along the way.

Questions included – most embarassing moment: The whole dress tucked into pantyhose while on a ship (thanks for helping me relive it).

How would someone who knows you best describe youre best and worst traits?: Thanks to my sister-in-law Tracey for her honest answers.

What have you done adventurous or spontaneous? Uh, too much to choose from. My example? Let’s just say it involved running through a fountain and made the front page of a section of the Vancouver Sun.

Favorite TV show? Magazine? Celebrity? Yes, I stated the obvious. But never one to kiss-up, I gave other examples.

It asks what websites I’m published on. Besides Facebook, Linked-In and my regular column on The Examiner I, of course, listed WordPress. So, be sure to leave nice comments. And Oprah’s people – if you’re reading this – Pick me! Pick Me!

Argh! Still Trying!

22 Jun

So, the video was uploaded yesterday and I just needed Oprah’s approval before it appeared on line. Finally! Then, late last night I received an E-mail from Oprah’s Team saying that my video “contained materials such as logos, signs, or other protected materials.” Lynn had added some file photo’s she had of me to show some of my adventures. Unfortunately, I was wearing a sweatshirt in one of them that had a Regency Cruises logo. Are they afraid that I’m advertising for a cruise line that went out of business at least seven years ago? 

Lynn graciously added the photo’s because I was concerned about an entrant who has a background similar to mine but who also hosts a radio show and has video of her travels including talking with locals. Now, my dilemma. I have wonderful photos of the Cuna Indians in Panama (very National Geographic) and of a rag-tag street band in Sintra, Portugal. I wouold love to include these photo’s in my video. The thing is, the entry rules clearly state that I need to have a signed Submission Contributer Release on file for anyone in the video. I’m guessing that this other girl doesn’t have one of these on file for the tiny village locals (uh, the village was tiny, not the locals) she has in hers. And no way do I have a release for the Cuna Indians. I mean really. . . I’m frustrated but following the rules. 

Lynn now must re-edit and re-submit. All this while covering the wildfires. I’m thinking that if I get this job, not only do I try to get her a job on my show, but, as Oprah would say, “You get a new car!”

The Filming

21 Jun

So, on Saturday night we filmed. We were going to do it on Sunday night so I could go to a pool party. But, as Lynn, the camera woman works at a local TV station and was on call, she could have gotten called on an assignment at any time. And all it takes is for someone to throw a cigarette out of a car window, start a forest fire and ruin my filming schedule (What? It’s not all about me?). So please, use your ashtray. Better yet, don’t smoke. And yes, she did get called to come in on Sunday due to the forest fires up in Flagstaff.

So, we met at Freestone Park, a great park near my home. I wore my pretty green top, made sure my make-up was done just right, and stood in 105 degree weather for two hours. I wrote my proposed script and read it to Lynn (she’s the professional after all). She liked it so we were good to go.

We found some beautiful spots at the park (and some very scary looking ducks). Is there such a thing as a duck with chicken legs? It turns out I can walk and talk at the same time. Standing on the bridge and talking was a different story. Are 22 takes too much? And since when does the girl with the superglued smile have trouble talking and smiling at the same time. Lynn has the patience of a saint (or maybe just an experienced camerawoman). Two hours later we were finally finished. Hot, sweaty and in desperate need of a cold beer.

Lynn has told me it’s edited at 1 min. 55 seconds. I’m nervous that it’s too short but, it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. As soon as Lynn gets done covering that bothersome fire, she’ll upload it to Oprah. Oprah’s team will just need to review it before it’s posted (need to be sure I’m not some wacked out neo-nazi or drinking shots while filming – hey, that mighyt have cut down the 22 takes) and it will be posted. This is where you come in – Once it’s up, I need your votes. Oprah and Mark Burnett will decide on finalists but the more votes you get, the better. I’ll post the link and then it’s in your hands. Please vote for me if you think I’m worthy.

In the beginning. . .

21 Jun

So, I’ve decided to play the lottery. I am entering the contest to be the next host for the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). Do I believe I can do this? Of course! If not, I would not have spent my time on it. In fact, I believe I was born to do this. Time is my only enemy. I’m a bit late getting into the game but I know I will be so impressive that it won’t matter. First task, watch the other videos already submitted and figure out what my show will be about.

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