The Filming

21 Jun

So, on Saturday night we filmed. We were going to do it on Sunday night so I could go to a pool party. But, as Lynn, the camera woman works at a local TV station and was on call, she could have gotten called on an assignment at any time. And all it takes is for someone to throw a cigarette out of a car window, start a forest fire and ruin my filming schedule (What? It’s not all about me?). So please, use your ashtray. Better yet, don’t smoke. And yes, she did get called to come in on Sunday due to the forest fires up in Flagstaff.

So, we met at Freestone Park, a great park near my home. I wore my pretty green top, made sure my make-up was done just right, and stood in 105 degree weather for two hours. I wrote my proposed script and read it to Lynn (she’s the professional after all). She liked it so we were good to go.

We found some beautiful spots at the park (and some very scary looking ducks). Is there such a thing as a duck with chicken legs? It turns out I can walk and talk at the same time. Standing on the bridge and talking was a different story. Are 22 takes too much? And since when does the girl with the superglued smile have trouble talking and smiling at the same time. Lynn has the patience of a saint (or maybe just an experienced camerawoman). Two hours later we were finally finished. Hot, sweaty and in desperate need of a cold beer.

Lynn has told me it’s edited at 1 min. 55 seconds. I’m nervous that it’s too short but, it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. As soon as Lynn gets done covering that bothersome fire, she’ll upload it to Oprah. Oprah’s team will just need to review it before it’s posted (need to be sure I’m not some wacked out neo-nazi or drinking shots while filming – hey, that mighyt have cut down the 22 takes) and it will be posted. This is where you come in – Once it’s up, I need your votes. Oprah and Mark Burnett will decide on finalists but the more votes you get, the better. I’ll post the link and then it’s in your hands. Please vote for me if you think I’m worthy.


One Response to “The Filming”

  1. Glen June 22, 2010 at 7:37 PM #

    You are so photogenic! And can talk and walk at the same time. 😉

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