Argh! Still Trying!

22 Jun

So, the video was uploaded yesterday and I just needed Oprah’s approval before it appeared on line. Finally! Then, late last night I received an E-mail from Oprah’s Team saying that my video “contained materials such as logos, signs, or other protected materials.” Lynn had added some file photo’s she had of me to show some of my adventures. Unfortunately, I was wearing a sweatshirt in one of them that had a Regency Cruises logo. Are they afraid that I’m advertising for a cruise line that went out of business at least seven years ago? 

Lynn graciously added the photo’s because I was concerned about an entrant who has a background similar to mine but who also hosts a radio show and has video of her travels including talking with locals. Now, my dilemma. I have wonderful photos of the Cuna Indians in Panama (very National Geographic) and of a rag-tag street band in Sintra, Portugal. I wouold love to include these photo’s in my video. The thing is, the entry rules clearly state that I need to have a signed Submission Contributer Release on file for anyone in the video. I’m guessing that this other girl doesn’t have one of these on file for the tiny village locals (uh, the village was tiny, not the locals) she has in hers. And no way do I have a release for the Cuna Indians. I mean really. . . I’m frustrated but following the rules. 

Lynn now must re-edit and re-submit. All this while covering the wildfires. I’m thinking that if I get this job, not only do I try to get her a job on my show, but, as Oprah would say, “You get a new car!”


One Response to “Argh! Still Trying!”

  1. Yusuf Chowdury June 22, 2010 at 10:27 PM #

    Great thinking!!!!!Great article

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