The Application

23 Jun

The video has finally been submitted. Lynn had to do what they refer to in the broadcast journalism industry as “killing puppies.” Yikes! Actually, it means taking out things that you might have wanted in, just to fit the file size or time constraints. I think because she used such high quality video (she is a professional after all) it loads a bit different than a home video camera would. I’m not sure what was cut so it will be a surprise to me. My wish is that my passion and my idea for the show come across. As it’s not yet available to watch, I’m assuming the Oprah folks are just reviewing it and will, hopefully, approve it today.

After the video was uploaded I had to fill out page 3 of the application. Wow, that’s a project. It took about two and a half hours to complete. OK, it would have been shorter if I hadn’t accidentally pushed a button while measuring my head (Why do they need my hat size? Hhhmmmm, are they going to fit me for a tiarra? I’d like that!) and had to revert to the last point I had clicked saved. Oh well, at least I had been saving along the way.

Questions included – most embarassing moment: The whole dress tucked into pantyhose while on a ship (thanks for helping me relive it).

How would someone who knows you best describe youre best and worst traits?: Thanks to my sister-in-law Tracey for her honest answers.

What have you done adventurous or spontaneous? Uh, too much to choose from. My example? Let’s just say it involved running through a fountain and made the front page of a section of the Vancouver Sun.

Favorite TV show? Magazine? Celebrity? Yes, I stated the obvious. But never one to kiss-up, I gave other examples.

It asks what websites I’m published on. Besides Facebook, Linked-In and my regular column on The Examiner I, of course, listed WordPress. So, be sure to leave nice comments. And Oprah’s people – if you’re reading this – Pick me! Pick Me!


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