My video is up and running!

29 Jun

I took the weekend away to go work in Dallas (a girl’s gotta make a living) and, when I returned, the video was posted. Yay!!! The link is

I’m somewhat happy with the video. I think I just don’t like watching myself, but that’s not important. What’s important is that you want to watch me. And I can’t thank Lynn enough for her hard work on this. She made me look better than I really do. And her editing got the video looking smooth and down to size in order to get it uploaded. I’m most happy with the written application which you don’t see. I think my writing experience really played a big part in the quality of my application and I hope that Oprah’s people will be impressed.

Now comes the voting. First, a brief explanation of how it works. Some people have noted that I don;t stand a chance as there are some people with millions of votes. Yes, I applied later in the game and it will be reflected in my vote count. Still, there’s no way that those millions of votes are real. I’m guessing there are “bots” (computer generated automatic votes) involved. And, since bots are prohibited, I’m hoping they will be disqualified. Also, I’m hoping they take into account the amount of votes you received and the day you applied.

While your votes mean a lot (so keep voting!) and you may vote more than once (without even watching the video again), it is only part of the selection process. The top five valid vote getters (is “getters” a word?) are guaranteed a spot in the semi-finals, with one person from that group guaranteed a spot in the finals. I’m happy to say that the producers are supposedly viewing all submissions and will choose others to compete in the semi-finals and finals.

Also, some have questioned the fact that when they vote for me, the number of votes doesn’t change. From what I’ve noticed is that the vote numbers are periodically updated. So you may not see it immediately but rest assured, it will count and is much appreciated.

If you’d like to view and vote please click on the link .

And if you’d like to immediately vote again you may click on the link again or go to the “Browse and Vote” section and type in Carole in the search box. I’m the one in the short sleeved, lime-green top (the same color as the vote button!). Click on me and you can click vote again. . . and again. . . and again!

Voting is open until 11:59pm Pacific Time on July 3rd. Please spread the word! And don’t forget, go to

Thanks so much and come back for updates.


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