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Voting? It’s somewhere between the Presidential elections and American Idol

2 Jul

I woke up today and checked my votes and, to my surprise, I was up to over 700. A big jump from yesterday’s 200+. And by this evening, we’re up to 1,276! While you may look at some videos and see that they have a million or more, I am convinced that these people have bots going.

Some of my friends have asked what “bots” are. Proof that my friends don’t use bots as they don’t even know what they are.  Bots are computer programs that automatically vote, and keep voting, to bring the numbers into the millions. . . I think. And bots are banned in this contest and will, hopefully, be caught. Regardless, I’m playing by the rules.

And for those supporters who are concerned that I don’t have millions, or even hundreds of thousands of votes, no worries. As it says on the OWN site today, 

“All vote counts on the Your OWN Show site are UNOFFICIAL and are subject to verification to ensure compliance with the Participation Terms” (Aah, the old “bot” statement).
– Shortly after voting ends, OWN will announce the top five online finalists who will join 35 other finalists chosen from the open casting calls or other online entries. Show producers will then cast 10 people from this group of 40 to be on Your OWN Show. At least one of the top 5 online finalists will get a spot on the show. Stay tuned to see who gets cast! Find out on the first episode of Your OWN Show which will air on OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network in January, 2011.

So, there you go. Only five of the 40 chosen as finalists are based on votes. Oprah’s people choose the other 35. But votes are still important. The way I figure it, they’ll look at how many votes everyone received based on the day of the video posting to see if there is interest in that show. So keep voting, please!

Also, a couple of people have posed the question, “I voted for you but when I went back to vote again (wow, thanks!) the number hadn’t changed.” Not to worry. The number seems to be updating periodically. It doesn’t seem to register right away but, rest assured, it does register. 

Supposedly the finalists must be available to come to LA in July. Is it wrong that I would like to be a finalists because that will get me out of Arizona in July? And, if I’m not a finalist, perhaps I’ll just show up and crash the party. To know me is to love me.

Anyway, please keep voting as there are only 2 days left!

Remember, I can’t win if you don’t play!

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