Social Media – How Tweet It Is

21 Aug

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, My Space, Four Square, Google Groups, it’s amazing that we actually know how to shake hands anymore.  Social media is seemingly unavoidable and, I admit it, I’ve given up avoiding it.

For someone with ridiculously slow and expensive internet while working on a ship, I participate in quite a bit of social media.  I’ve tried limiting which sites I use but, as I use them for different reasons, I keep many of them in business (no addiction here, nu-uh, not me).  How did the attraction begin (again, not an addiction)?  It all started when my sister tried to sell me on the internet.

The internet was new and my sister had purchased her first computer.  I was working on cruise ships at the time (déjà vu? No, see Everything Old is New Again) and was on vacation visiting her in Florida.  We had heard about this new thing called the internet, so we had to play.  She was married and decided to have some fun.  The ad was titled, “Sister for Sale.”  Now, all you have to say is, “she works on a cruise ship,” and the male fantasies begin.  She and I decided to take a road trip and when we returned a couple of days later there were over 100 responses.  Sad to say, I did go out with one or two of these men and well, that’s a whole other story.

So now I’ve evolved.  I joined Facebook a few years ago.  Unlike many people, I actually know all 300 of my friends (well, except for those few that have 29 friends in common with me but I’m too embarrassed to ask who they are.  Oh, like you don’t do the same thing).  Yes, I’m friends with my kindergarten gym teacher.  But I use Facebook for personal connections.  I’ve had clients try to Facebook me (notice the use of it as a noun or verb, very versatile) and I’ve had to explain that I only use it for personal use.  I mean really, how am I supposed to complain about clients on Facebook when they’re my “friends?”

And now the latest Facebook challenge – my staff.  Yes, many of my 23-year-old staff members keep trying to “friend me.”  Like my mother used to say, “I’m your mother, not your friend.” Ok, I’m their boss but often feel like their mother.  I have chosen not to accept the request.  But now they’ve found me, on LinkedIn.

Yes, this is my professional networking site.  But each time one of my staff invites me to “Link-up,” they ask for a recommendation.  Hhmmmm, I’m currently driving across the country, writing two different blogs/columns, interviewing people and about to board a ship where I’ll work 80 hours per week.  And now you want me to start writing recommendations?

I’ve now joined the world of Twitter.  Yes, I resisted for quite some time and truly only joined to spread the word about Rebel-With-A-Cause (yes, please read and share it).  But now I’m having too much fun on it.  I’m a news addict and every news outlet in the world is on there.  And you can also converse with people you would never be able to in real life.  Anderson Cooper actually Tweeted me.  And I’ve joked with Steve Martin.  Uh oh, I sense another addiction coming (not an addiction, just a useful tool).

So, if you’d like to follow me on Twitter, join me @rblcause.  If you’d like to friend me on Facebook, “I’m your writer, not your friend (sorry, it’s how I roll)”.  And if you’d like to Link-up with me, depends, do you need me to write a recommendation?  Because I really just don’t have the time.  Or you could just keep reading here, subscribe and comment.  Oh and share this and Rebel-With-A-Cause on your social media.  Just don’t try to put me up for sale.


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